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Consulting and ordering

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The variety of resins around the world is very high. But at the moment, the resin that this group provides is called as polyester resin of unsaturated type. The same type of resin is divided into two general categories: non-saturated orthophthalic polyester resins and isotopic non-saturated polyester resins. In the market, they are mostly known as ISO resin and Ortho resin. It is also searched by the name of ISO polyester resin and ortho polyester resin as well.

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Selling Isophthalic unsaturated polyester resins in the form of barrels for making use of fiberglass, composite, artificial stone and natural stone, lining, and floating construction, besides many other products are available through this site. This group provided the products available to customers without intermediaries and at reasonable prices.

The unsaturated polyester resins are known in the global market with the abbreviation of UPR. This resin is available in two types of isophthalic and orthophthalic. Polyester resins were used for the first time in the First World War, and then the tendency to use this material formed in many industries.

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Perhaps you wonder Where are the best unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers? Are you looking for a high quality unsaturated polyester resin? Here in our manufacturer, We can produce this type of resin with reasonable price and acceptable quality. Unsaturated polyester resin produced by this factory is used for marine industries, sculpture, furniture, tanks, fiberglass sheets, artificial stone, natural stone, and the like. Contact us for purchasing via the following link.

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Product DescriptionMinimum OrderFOBPrice $ MT
Polymer 11005020$
Polymer 21005010$
Polymer 31005012$
Polymer 41005016$
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